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You have the contacts, we have the know-how

Make big money as a promoter or webmaster with change

Klingelanzeigen.de is the new classifieds portal with the huge potential. For goth-daddies, gayshires and housewives offer Klingelanzeigen.de an ideal platform for up-to-date advertising without the disclosure of personal data. The system is unique in this form:

  • The small price for the advertisers is 1,50 - 1,99 €. The purchase barrier is therefore very low, the incentive huge to send one more SMS.
  • Each ad is limited in time, as women often can or only want to work in a specific time window. So, more than a small ad will be shown.
  • Advertisers need to push their ads up again and again if they want to be found. The latest ones are always up.
  • The most important argument: the booking of an advertisement is almost anonymous. For occasional prostitutes and housewives who like to disappear in anonymity (compared to their family and especially to authorities) klingelanzeigen.de is the ideal portal. There is no hassle with invoices or bookings. All ads simply disappear from the system after a while.

We can say from experience that advertisers switch between 3 and 5 pushups per day. And here is just the competitive pressure crucial. The more advertisers want to be up here, the higher the pushup interval, the higher your earnings.

Klingelanzeigen are looking for you as a reseller

We are looking for you as a reseller in the individual regions. You get a lifecycle commission, so once your customer, always your customer. You earn a lifetime on every SMS.

All you need to know is that you are well versed in the internet, able to move around the scene, and very sociable. All you have to do is convince the many pocket money models in your area of how quickly and easily you can set a bell indicator how to push up the ad. This can be done online or through personal contact.

As a webmaster make money

You already run an erotic platform or a forum for sex contacts?

Do you have traffic that you would like to monetize?

Then we have just the right product for you. Market ringer ads online and earn money without much effort.

Let's discuss the possibilities ... Write us: web@klingelanzeigen.de

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